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my college days...



       I joined Canara pre-university College for pre-university with electronics as optional subject (PCME because I hate bisecting frogs).  I was addicted to construction of electronics hobby circuits which I learnt from one of my classmate.  This affected my percentage in IInd Puc.  I passed out in 1994.

      For my Graduation, I joined Canara Collage (First Grade) with Electronics Equipment Maintenance as optional. Next three years I enjoyed a lot.   Here I again joined with high school classmates Jayendra & Rathanakar.   Every year during holidays we had industry training in Bangalore.     Since this was a special course I was trained to service consumer electronic goods.   With my friends I also enjoyed trekking to Kollur and 4 day tour to Ooty and Kodaikanal.  I am very thankful to Jayendra who solved many peculiar problems in Trigonometry. (In fact each & every problem was peculiar). I passed out B.Sc. in 1997.

       After a little bit of running around, I finally managed to get myself a seat for a M.C.A at N.M.A.M Institute of Technology. Here I got an opportunity to mingle with other state students. Since Exams are according to semester there was no time for other activities.   A small trip to Mercara (my birthplace) could be remembered. I cannot forget Uday who joined the course after 5-year work experience at L&T, who is more energetic than rest of my classmates, by whom I enhanced my programming skills. I also remember one of my seniors Yeshwanth for his moral support.

        To view my some photo's of my college days click on Photo Galary below..


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